Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Very Merry Married Christmas

Graham and I had a very merry married Christmas!  As we were preparing for Christmas we were trying to think of some traditions that we could start as a family (the two of us plus our dog) and participate every year from now on.  We decided to start out by going to see the Roper Mountain Christmas Lights.

Then... we watched the movie Bad Santa per Graham's request...and let's just say this will not be a part of our Christmas traditions.   Funny but terrible language...

On Christmas Eve we went to church with Mollie and Jay at Westminster and then we went to Denver Downs Farm to hang out with the Spragues!

Later that evening, I started preparing for our Christmas morning breakfast.  Graham and Mollie have always talked about their mom making these "AMAZING" ham and cheese biscuits that they would eat every Christmas morning.  I wanted to try my hand at making them-I figured it might be complex since Graham's mom is a wonderful cook and I am not.  They were surprisingly simple and delicious.  Along with the ham biscuits, I made french toast on homemade bread, grapefruits sprinkled with sugar, coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice!  It was all wonderful and made the perfect start to Christmas morning.  Here is a picture :)

After we ate breakfast we opened our presents!

Then we went over to Charles and Tracy's home (Graham's aunt and uncle) where the whole family gathered to celebrate Christmas. 

We saw Grandmother Haaaaaaaardaway,

Lillian, Frances, and Ben,

Mills (the newest addition),

Jay and Mollie (I like your jeans Jay),


Eric & Janelle,

and many, many more!

It's been a great Christmas y'all!  Hope yours was just as merry!


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