Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Season of Change

I'll have to admit, I have been a terrible "blogger" lately.  Life has been too busy and the days are flying by.  So much has happened since my last post so I'll share a few highlights:

(1) Graham and I shared our 1 year anniversary
(2) I turned 27
(3) Had an Amazing PC girls weekend
(4) Both Alyssa & Kathryn announced they were pregnant and both having BOYS (Banks & Wilson)
(5) Spring Travel for PC
(6) I got a new JOB!

This is definitely a season for change for me.  My last day working at Presbyterian College will be on this Thursday, May 31st. I have accepted a position as the Director of Admissions at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM-Carolinas Campus) in Spartanburg, SC!  This is a wonderful opportunity for me, and I am so excited about all of the new people I will meet and all that I will learn.

 I have a variety of emotions right now.  If you ask my husband he would probably tell you that I am a basket case extremely sensitive. I feel happy, sad, anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time.  My friends said goodbye to this place after we graduated in 2007.  While I, on the other hand, jumped right into my position in our Admissions office and felt right at home.  It will be a bittersweet "goodbye" for me and while I'll miss this place, I think I'll miss the people more.  The people are what make PC so special.

Here are a few pictures from my farewell party:

I was given a certificate for my 4.971 years of service to PC!  I didn't quite make it to my 5 year mark which would have been on July 1st.

While I do feel overwhelmed with different emotions right now, I feel at peace with my decision because I know that I am being lead in a new direction.  I hope that I have left a lasting impression on PC and my co-workers as they have certainly left their mark on me.  I feel that God is leading me to a new place where hopefully I can impact the lives of those I come in contact with-this is my mission in life. 

I am comforted by this song by Marie Miller called "Make the Most of Me".  I am not sure how long this song has been around, but it sure has helped calm my soul lately. I know that God will make the most of me in my new position.  Here are the words...

"On my own, I'm afraid to step out on the sea.
All alone, no mountain will move for me.
But you breathe your life into my soul.
You take away the impossible.

I can feel your mystery moving in my hands and feet
Leading me through disbelief, finding strength when I feel weak.
You make the most of me. You make the most of me.

When I don't have the words, you will be my voice.
When I don't understand, I will still rejoice.
You make the most of me. You make the most of me."

In the words of Susie Larson, "May you lift your eyes to Him, and walk faithfully to your next place of promise."

I am going to walk faithfully to my next place of promise and I will feel at peace knowing I made the right decision.  Here I come VCOM!


  1. Gail- I am so happy for you! God has amazing things in store for you and VCOM is so lucky to have you! Can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow night! xoxo

  2. So happy for you Gail!! What an amazing opportunity! Love you! -Murph